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More Hot Water, Less Cost

There are times when a cold shower is the perfect prescription. But those times are rare indeed, and if you're relying on them to justify your choice of an electric water heater over a gas water heater, you may get the cold shoulder. In fact, with gas, the promise of hot water when they want it and for as long as they want it, explains why buyers prefer gas water heaters by more than 2 to 1.

Electricity is a good source of energy to run motors, but gas is the best energy source for water heating because gas actually burns and makes a flame, while electricity uses only resistance to make heat, so gas is the most effective way to make hot water. Gas water heaters are not just energy efficient, they are also time efficient, because they heat water approximately twice as fast as electric water heaters, so you have a much faster recovery time and you won't have to wait for hot water when several people use the shower. exclusively offers industry leading Rheem water heaters, considered the best in the business for both residential and commercial applications.

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