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State Propane License: #MG13116

Gasmasters is an energy advantage dealer and TECO People's Gas certified contractor. Energy Conservation rebates are available for both residential and commercial customers. The Peoples Gas Energy Conservation Allowance Program, as approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC), is designed to help the natural gas customer offset costs initiated with piping and installations of natural gas appliances. Gasmasters handles the rebate for you! No paperwork to deal with- we simply discount the job according to the amount of the rebate. It's that simple!

Residential Customers

When you add value to your home with natural gas appliances, you can save on your overall energy costs. And, through the Peoples Gas energy conservation program, you may also be eligible for cash-back allowances*, designed to help you start saving right away.

Natural Gas
Replace Electric with Gas
Replace Gas with Gas
Water Heater
Furnace/Hydro Heat
Range or Dryer
**(with electronic ignition) Allowances are available for Peoples Gas customers only.

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New Home Construction

Builders, contractors, and home owners!
Here's a deal you can't pass up ... Installing energy saving gas appliances will save you money and earn you rebates as well!

Rebates made simple!

Gas Water Heater*
Tankless Water Heater
Gas Range
Gas Dryer

* Maximum allowance of water heaters or furnaces is 2 per home.

Here is an example of a typical rebate:

A house with:
(1) water heater
(1) furnace
(1) dryer
(1) range
Total rebate

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When replacing commercial electric water heater and appliances with natural gas water heaters and appliances, a $40 per kW (from 6 kW up to 100 kW per appliance) allowance is available. For example: 100 kW x $40 = $4,000 maximum. Gasmasters discounts the cost of the project, by the amount of the rebate.

An allowance of $150 per ton, payable to a maximum of 100 tons, is available to commercial customers who install natural gas-fired space conditioning equipment.

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