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Two Cool Deals to Get You In Hot Water

Option 1: Water Heater Extended Payment Plan

Pay for your new water heater over 60 months - a great deal and a great way to budget. Plus, the options to prepay the remaining balance at any time with no termination charge or penalty. Includes:

  • A 30 or 40 gallon water heater, all taxes and removal / disposal of the old water heater.
  • No interest.
  • Monthly payments as low as $15.99.

Option 2: Energy Conservation Rebate Program

Get cash rebates when you install a gas water heater. You can use your rebate to replace an electric or less efficient gas water heater.

Quick recovery gas water heaters are among the most efficient on the market, and using them can cut your water heating costs substantially.

Water Heater Program Highlights

$15.99 a month and no Interest. For only $15.99 a month over 60 months with no interest, Peoples Gas will have an efficient natural gas water heater installed for any of our qualified existing gas* customers. This price includes a 30 or 40 gallon water heater, all taxes and the standard installation and removal / disposal of the old water heater.

Installation. If an extraordinary expense (*) is incurred, it will be charged to the customer by the Energy or Gas Advantage Dealer.

*Extraordinary expense examples: Hard to reach water heaters, permits, additional venting, expansion tanks, and sheds. Each job must be reviewed by the Energy or Gas Advantage Dealer before exact prices can be established.

Larger capacity water heaters available. can provide 50, 65, 75 or 100 gallon water heaters through this program, at an additional cost.

60-Month Program. The term of the water heater incremental billing program is 60 months (five years).

Option to Buy. Customers have the option to prepay the remaining balance at any time with no termination charge or penalty. The prepayment amount is the number of months remaining times the $15.99 a month charge.

Option to Purchase. Qualified customers who prefer to buy their efficient water heater may be eligible for our energy allowance rebate. A qualified residential homeowner is someone within our distribution system, with more than one gas-burning appliance and who will generate a constant year-round water heater consumption.

Electric to Gas
Gas to Gas
Natural Gas

Who's Eligible?

This is a water heater conversion / replacement program. Those eligible include:

  • Existing customers who do not use gas to heat their water.
  • Existing customers who need to replace their existing water heater.
  • New customers who opt for the program over the water heater allowance.
  • New customers who are not financially feasible to add because of their estimated annual consumption and do not opt for one of the other alternatives.
  • The new construction builder market is not eligible for this program.
  • The customer's residence is within our natural gas distribution territory.
  • The customer agrees to pay any amount in excess of our standard purchase and installation package amount.
  • The new customer must have a minimum of two gas burning appliances unless it's a reactivation of a natural gas service line.
  • The customer must be a residential homeowner with a good credit history.
  • The customer agrees to sign over their eligible water heater allowance to TECO Peoples Gas.
  • For the length of the contract, the customer agrees to purchase their entire gas requirement from TECO Peoples Gas - 60 months.
  • The customer is the owner of the real property at the said address.

Warranty Policy

The water heater program includes a manufacturers limited warranty. For more information, contact .

Water Heater Sizing

The correct water heater is the one that adequately serves the customer's needs for the least cost. The power vent should only be used to avoid a costly venting project (additional cost item). The 50-gallon model should only be used when necessary.

Choose the plan that's best for you and call at 813-241-0258 or email us at ContactUs@Gasmasterstampa.com.

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