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Are you warm when it's cold out?

An electric heat pump may sound like a good idea to someone who hasn't tried to make it through a winter with one. But to those who have done their time-who've dressed in layers, who've checked and rechecked vents to see if they're really still just blowing cold air, or who've been hit with an outrageously high electric bill for this performance- electric heat is not an acceptable option in a home. So, what is the undisputed choice of today's homeowner? Gas!

You will notice more warmth from a gas furnace, because air from the furnace will be distributed at temperatures around 120 degrees. Air from a heat pump is only about 95 degrees, which is actually a little cooler than your body temperature. So the gas furnace will deliver more of the kind of warmth you expect from a home heating system. Anyone who has a heat pump would gladly pay extra for that comfort. But the funny thing is, it's the heat pump users who pay extra. The newest figures from the U.S. Department of Energy show gas is less expensive than any other fuel. In fact, it can cost one-third less to heat the same house with gas than with an electric heat pump.

With this in mind, it's no surprise that the number of homes heated by gas has dramatically increased in the past decade.

Do you want to be left out in the cold?

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