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It's a bit ironic. The fireplace is one of the hottest options around. In survey after survey, homebuyers and owners rate it as a must-have. However, people don't always use fireplaces. They wish they did, which is why those surveys are so consistent. But the truth is, people build wood fires on very rare occasions. Most of the time, it's just too much bother, it's too messy, and it requires too much tending. So, do yourself a favor… make it a gas fireplace, one that you will truly enjoy.

You can easily add a touch of elegance to your home with a gas fireplace. The new gas fireplaces and inserts are so realistic they can create the romance and coziness of a wood fire. The fireboxes are deeper, there are "embers" beneath the logs, and the flames mimic wood flames beautifully.

These units also offer what traditional fireplaces can't: convenience. Instead of lugging in dirty pest-laden wood and laboring with newspaper, homeowners just hit a button on a remote control.

With a gas fireplace you won't waste time trying to light the perfect fire, because gas fireplaces light quickly the first time, every time, so you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace without the hassle of newspaper and kindling wood. Plus, direct-vent natural gas fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere, offering a design flexibility impossible to match.

A wood-burning fireplace may feel like its adding warmth, but it's actually losing heat up the chimney. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, can effectively supplement the home's heating system. Air-tight fireboxes and heat-circulating design have made gas fireplaces efficient heat-producers. But there's another environmental reason to choose gas. Wood smoke has been proven to be a major contributor to pollution- so much so that some cities have limited or banned the use of wood-burning fireplaces. Smokeless gas fireplaces result in cleaner air. They are also safer because there are no sparks or flying embers to worry about, and there is no creosote build-up in your chimney, so you can simply relax and enjoy the fireplace.

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