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Perfect Control, Great Style, Half the Cost

Are you cooking with gas?

It used to be that it was just experienced chefs who insisted on cooking with gas. But today's homeowners have caught on to the secret; gas cooking offers perfect control and no matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, you know control can mean the difference between a fabulous meal and a flop. With gas cooking you have more control at your fingertips because gas ranges are designed for instant control and fine tuning, so you can make the heat do what you want on a moment to moment basis. Cooking with gas is economical- it cost about half as much to cook with a gas range compared to a similar electric range. You don't have to sacrifice any desired features when you go with gas, because today's gas cooking appliances offer all the features you want, including self cleaning ovens, European-style sealed burners and specialty cook tops, so you can get all the latest technology with economic benefits of gas.

We at are often asked the question, "Is cooking with gas really better than electric?" Our reply is, "Check out the cooking channel. You will never see an electric range. They are all cooking with gas."

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